15 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Fall is here, people! Fall brings such glorious beauty into our world – mind-blowing, multi-hued leaves in autumn sunset colors fall everywhere. Fall indicates the beginning of the Holidays – there’s Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas to look forward to! Here’s how you can welcome all those warm fall colors into your home this year.

Get A Colorful, Plush Throw

Invest in a faux fur or lush pile throw in animal prints or deep, rich, saturated fall colors. Think in terms of plum, aubergine, rich teal, emerald, fuchsia, cognac, and purple – all the beautiful fall colors. Place your soft throw over the backs of your faded couch, favorite chair, or at the foot of your bed for a warm, colorful accent.

Buy Flameless, Electrical Candles

Buy rechargeable electric candles in lovely warm fall colors to beat the reduced daylight of fall. These candles impart a delicious glow when placed decoratively on your coffee table, mantelpiece and dark corners on your kitchen counter.

Decorate Your Garden Using Solar-Powered Garden Lamps

These lamps absorb solar energy during the day and emit a lovely glow during the night. Buy them in fall colors and stick them in your garden or lawn. In the evening, your home will look like a fall paradise.

Get Some Warm Throw Pillows

Cozy up your chairs and couches with warm throw pillows in fall colors; the more plush the material, the better. Make an inviting oasis in your living area by throwing these throw pillows on the floor as well.

Place Area Rugs Around 

Add color and texture to hardwood or carpeted floors by layering colorful area rugs. Instead of the woven cotton summer rugs, invest in warm, plush colorful rugs in pile shag.

Get Your Fireplace Ready 

Pile up some wood and add a few scented pieces on top. Remove the summer decorations from your mantelpiece and replace with fall accents like warm wood pieces, wooden photo frames and so on.

Replace Your Summer Curtains With Fall Ones

Keep the cold winds away by replacing summer curtains using plush curtains and shades. This creates natural insulation. If you have bamboo shades, place thick draperies in warm, vibrant fall colors over them.

Use Decorative Gourd Vases

Buy gourds in different shapes and colors. Cut the top part of, remove the filling, clean them and dry them in the sun. Fill them up with fall decorations, such as dried flowers painted in bright fall colors.

Create Harvest Vases

Take tall glass vases and fill them up with pine nuts and pine cones. Stick a few stalks of wheat into the nuts, with the dried wheat on them. You can spray the wheat stalks with gold paint for a warm accent.

Frame Fall Leaves

Collect a few perfect fall leaves in colors of russet, brown, olive green, chartreuse and plum. Clean them and glue them to a white sheet. Frame them individually or in a collage in wood frames and hang them up.

Use Acorns To Create Decorative Items

Hot glue acorns to a piece of wood and place it on your coffee table. You can polish the acorns if you like, or apply a light coating of clear lacquer to them.

Use Pumpkins

Cut the pumpkin’s stalk, take out the insides and dry the pumpkin. Now glaze the pumpkin with clear lacquer so it won’t spoil. Prepare several pumpkins of different kinds and place them side by side on your mantelpiece.

Create Brown Paper Bag Flowers

Cut your grocery brown paper bags into petals and create large flowers. Then spray paint a thick natural fiber rope in dark brown, glue the flowers at intervals and drape this garland across your mantelpiece.

Use Kitchen Vegetables

Spray paint dried artichokes and fall vegetables like fat tubers using gold and silver paints. Place a raggedy-looking basket sideways and make it look like the vegetables are spilling out of it.

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