10 Ways to Create More Visual Space in Your Apartment

It can be a challenge to make your apartment or condominium feel like home without cluttering rooms so much so that you feel boxed in by your space. If you are looking to make your home feel complete without resembling a less-scary episode of Hoarders, try these tips:

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The Basics
1. Just like light-colored wall paint, choosing solid, neutral-colored carpet widens the room. If possible, use light colors for a majority of the room. Clever, contrasting colors can be used as accents for smaller accessories. (Bonus: If the furniture matches the walls, the room’s visual depth increases).

2. Wide floorboards or rugs with horizontal stripes can visually widen the room.

3. Use glass materials for surfaces or even doors to allow light to reflect and bounce around the room.

4. For your bed, just use a headboard. Sleigh beds or other beds with footboards add too much bulk and you will find yourself constantly trying to dodge the footboard.

5. Use smaller furniture. It will fit a room more proportionately and be less obtrusive. In addition, the seating doesn’t have to be necessarily smaller. Even having armless chairs will make a difference. Also, try to avoid “overstuffed” pieces. This especially applies to long or narrow rooms where the middle should be as open as possible.

6. Multifunctional pieces can create more space. For instance, look for an ottoman that opens up so that it can also serve as storage space. A set of drawers underneath your bed prevents the need for a large set of dressers in a space that could be used for something else such as a desk, bookshelf, or entertainment center.

The Walls
7. Add a large mirror to make the room seem bigger while reflecting natural light, which opens the room up.

8. Hang artwork up high on the walls, which draws the eye upward. Large artwork tends to create a bigger feeling of space while smaller pictures tend to break up the space of a wall. And to free up more space in the living room or bedroom, see if your television is mountable.

9. Be open to painting vertical stripes on the walls. Regardless of color, they send the eye upward.

Clean + Clutter-Free = Huge Difference

10. Keep the room clean! Keep clutter to a minimum and try to limit the number of accessories and knickknacks lying around. The more things on the floor, the less physical and visual “white” space there is.  When a room is cluttered, the eye has to stop repeatedly when viewing the room. Visual white space allows the eye to move from one side of the room to the other without interruption.

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