How to Enjoy Your Backyard this Winter

If you think that your outdoor patio has to become a desolate ghost town during the cold winter months, think again, because you can enjoy your patio all year round with a little planning. All you need to do is make sure that your patio has some necessary winter essentials that will transform your patio into a winter wonderland.


Perhaps the most important element of comfort on an outdoor patio in the winter is the proper heating. Naturally, it is difficult to keep a patio warm without an outdoor electric heater or two. Even better, you can use an outdoor heat source such as a fire-pit or a wood stove. Outdoor heat sources cost quite a bit more than portable heaters, but you can’t be the cozy atmosphere that they create. Your guests will definitely agree.

You will also want to put up full blinds to cut down the wind chill. These can also be used in the summer months to block out the sun, keeping the patio cool. The blinds should reach from the top to the bottom of the patio, and you can roll them up as desired.


Be sure to check the bulbs to outdoor lights at the beginning of winter to ensure that they will last through the season. Soft, muted lighting is great for those cold and romantic winter nights. You might want to have extra lighting available for more detailed activities such as reading.


When cold weather arrives, you need seating that will withstand the frigid temps. Metal chairs are not a good idea for a winter patio setup because they do not retain any warmth. Who wants to sit on a freezing metal chair? The same goes for plastic chairs; plus, they won’t hold up during snowstorms. You want to have heat-retaining waterproof outdoor furniture on your patio for maximum comfort.


While you obviously can’t have a rose garden on your patio in the cold weather, there are plants that are winter-friendly and can enhance an outdoor area. Some of these types of plants and shrubs are snowdrops, evergreens, berry bushes and winter-flowering pansies.They don’t require a great deal of care and they can withstand the cold temperatures.

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